9 reasons why business gifts help in brand building

9 reasons why business gifts help in brand building. Before we start off with the 9 big reasons, lets start with this fact that Corporate Gifting & Promotional Merchandise has the best ROI compared to any other form of advertising. Yes. Its true. We are sharing our insights about gifting and the benefits it brings […]

Bringing Braille into everyday use

Amidst the hectic work schedule and everyday life, there is this endless list of responsibilities. We are chasing our deadlines, targets, milestones, careers, family, children. Juggling with all these it becomes very difficult to stop and think of the less privileged. We meet them in our everyday life. Our maid, the child selling the flowers […]

Share your LOGO one cup at a time!

LOGOSOUK makes merchandise for a variety of brands from different industry verticals. The products range from a simple everyday use Pen to absolutely high end branded products. Every gift is designed to address some need with the target audience. Some do it for brand promotion. Some as a part of employee merchandise. Some use it […]