Amidst the hectic work schedule and everyday life, there is this endless list of responsibilities. We are chasing our deadlines, targets, milestones, careers, family, children. Juggling with all these it becomes very difficult to stop and think of the less privileged. We meet them in our everyday life. Our maid, the child selling the flowers at the signal, the street vendor and so many more people. Yes, helping them does cross our mind but then life goes on and we are pulled back into our daily life. The intention and ability to help remains but the execution of that thought becomes a factor of time.

Our everyday life keeps us busy. It’s a hectic work schedule. Deadlines. Targets. Milestones. Careers. Family. Kids. Responsibilities. The list is endless. In this hectic schedule its hard to stop and think of the less privileged. There are many such people we see in our everyday life. Yes. We do stop and think if there was a way to help them. But then, life goes on and we just get busy handling the immediate responsibilities.  The intention to help remains but the ability and the time become a question mark.

At LOGOSOUK, while we do corporate customized products, we realized we could do our bit to make the world a better place through our customization skills. One place at a time. This isn’t a fund raising campaign or anything that requires volunteers.

Think about this

When was the last time you saw a visually impaired actually living their life independently? Braille is a formal way to educate the visually impaired. Isn’t it time to use it in everyday life and give the visually impaired a reason to feel independent. What we aim to do isn’t a life changer but it will sure go in the direction of getting more information available in Braille form.

So what’s the idea?

The idea is to bring BRAILLE INTO EVERYDAY USE. As a first baby step, we are reaching out to restaurants & hotels to make their menu cards available in Braille. Yes. Its that simple. But someone has to do it. At LOGOSOUK we have decided to take this up and make it work.

We have had skeptics come and question us saying “We don’t have Visually Impaired visiting us at our restaurant so we don’t need it. We countered that with a simple question asking them why not make it visually impaired friendly and then see the difference.  It has worked.

There is a good chance the visually impaired don’t visit public entertainment locations because we show them pity and sympathy. Do we really need to? No. Not really. They need empathy. We have to show them that they can live a life just like us.

What does it take?

It costs each restaurant just Rs. 500 to Rs. 750 to prepare a Braille Menu Card. At LOGOSOUK, we get this work done for them and have it delivered at their restaurant. At no extra cost. This is being made possible because of our association with Non Profit organizations working in this space.

Along with every set of menu cards to a restaurant, we also give them a display holder that helps to communicate that the restaurant is “Visually Impaired Friendly”

This is all it takes. We sure hope it will make a difference.

Why are we doing this?

LOGOSOUK specializes in customized merchandise for brands and corporates. We do this with a lot of passion. We realized that we can use our specialization to even better use and make it socially relevant  as well.  As a corporate,  if you want to join us in this effort, we will be happy to provide Braille Services to corporate offices as well.

Will this have a long term impact?

We hope so. If we can make products in various shapes and sizes, we can surely reach out to the relevant authorities and make it mandatory for them to have the product name printed in Braille. The higher the visibility in public, greater are the chances to make the visually impaired people more self reliant.

What else can we do?

Share your ideas on how customization can be used for social change. And we will be happy to explore these possibilities as well.  There is a lot of happiness in doing good. Together we can experience it.

At LOGOSOUK, we #CustomizeAnything

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